Wednesday, 2 September 2015


How do you treat someone when they've hurt you?
What do you hope someone will do for you?

Sometimes, things go wrong - even with our best friends. We talked about this and all agreed there had been a time when we had hurt a friend, either by not thinking or because we were angry or hurting ourselves.

We had a class circle where we thought about how we'd like to be treated after we have hurt someone. Being forgiven and being able to restore the friendship was important to all of us.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dance out your negative emotions!

 The Silly Dover grade 3/4

"It's good to be silly because it's awesome.
Being mad is bad,
Be silly instead,
Or go to bed.
Hey, that rhymes! - Jack
And it's true because it rhymes - Pat."

If you are having a bad day you can do the silly dance to calm yourself down and make yourself laugh :)


How to dance it...the steps: 

Having cool music helps...

Step 1: Breath out bad feelings and flush them down a toilet. Breath in good feelings like a rainbow.

Step 1: Breath out bad feelings and flush them down a toilet. Breath in good feelings like a rainbow.
Step 2: Shake and dance it all out!
Step 2: Shake and dance it all out!
Step 3: Get on a horse and ride away from your bad emotions.

What to do when you're angry: advice from Dover grade 3/4:

Hit your head with a pillow - Tamika
Punch your bed - Ryan
Sit down and sort through your YuGiOh! Cards - Cody
Talk to someone about it - Evie
Scream or yell when no one is around - Ollie
Place mines around you on a game. Then jump on them. - Jack
Dance out the way you feel. If you feel sad, do a sad dance - Evie
Block everyone out of my room and play video games or watch TV - Harry
Play a game on my iPad, do everything wrong then laugh about it - Evie


MR JACK is showing us how to be silly :) edited by MR Pat.

"I like drawing pictures but I didn't draw one" - Evie.
"FuNnY JoKeS! what do ya call a walrus eating a banana?....a walrus eating a BANANA." - Pat.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Say 10 positive things in 10 days challenge

Our new friends at Mount Nelson set a challenge to say 10 positive things in 10 days.

This is what happened when we received their challenge:

We talked about how it feels to say something nice about a person and let them know we care about them. We also talked about how good it feels to be told something nice. Each day for two weeks, we had a class circle where we gave and received affirmations. We also all found someone during the day to say something nice to. 

We agreed we all felt friendlier and more caring at the end of two weeks!

Here are some of the nice things we said and how they felt: 

“I said to Tamika she’s a good friend. It made me feel good to say a nice thing to a friend” – Isla

“I said to [a teacher] ‘good on you!’ and she said ‘thanks’. It felt good because she liked it” – Olivia.

“I said to Angus thanks for being a nice friend. He said thanks for being a nice friend too.” – Jack.

“I said to [a friend], I like you. It felt awesome inside” – Ryan.

“I told [a friend] he’s funny. I think it made him happy!” – Cody.

“I said to Angus, I like the way he’s always funny and makes me laugh. He said thank you so I know he felt good” – Tamika.

“I said to Angus he’s an awesomely awesome friend. I felt awesome” – Issy.

“I said ‘good try’ to [my friend in a younger grade] when he was playing football with us. He felt happy and I felt happy as well because I helped him do something and also I was cheering him on”. – Ollie.

“I said to Ben, thanks for being a nice friend. I felt really happy.” – Rhys.

“I said to Tamika, you are very imaginative. I felt nice and happy.” – Angus.